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Switch Hydration

Stefan Morrocco
Stefan Morrocco
Stefan Morrocco
Switch Hydration
Catriona & Donald Shearer
M:X Hydration, or what was called Switch Hydration
Morrocco Media was originally approached by Switch Hydaration (now MX Hydration) to produce a promotional video.  The concept, when they were called Switch, was simply to show two athletes switching between water and energy drink, which is what the product does.  We developed a clever and humorous concept that whenever the athlete drinking the energy drink (Cat) switched the lever on the device it would transition to Donald drinking water and each time he was in a unusual and comical scenario.  Unfortunately, they rebranded and the concept was lost and didn't work with the new branding.      
"I am pleased to say that I am very happy with how it has turned out!"
- Andrew Davidson
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