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Filming Equipment

We have a lot of filming kit and a lot of battery chargers! This blog isn't intended to be an itemised listing of every camera, lens and microphone we own, it is intended to show what our kit can allow us to produce. And, yes, we own all of our kit, and we have back-ups of everything, so we do not need to hire any kit. Therefore, we can react instantly to any filming requests and be out the door as soon as we've packed everything up. As well as all the filming kit, we have a PC capable of editing 8K video footage and a lovely big widescreen monitor for being able to see what we are editing. We edit with Adobe programmes and colour grade in Devinci Resolve. We have a host of add-ons to enhance our editing. We are registered with Art-List, so we can get some good royalty-free music when required.

Our cameras allow us to capture full 4K (17:9 aspect ratio) up to 50 fps, Ultra HD (16:9 aspect ratio in 4K), HD, film at 150 fps non-stop in HD, 240 FPS full HD for 9 seconds, we have two actioncams to attach to people or things, gimbals to get smooth tracking shots and jib-like shots, without the expense of hiring a job. We can shoot timelapses, and hyperlapses, direct in the cameras, so there's no post-processing required. We have light-weight kit for getting to remote locations fast, and full cinema-quality equipment when quality is paramount. We have the appropriate bags for getting out into the hills with all of this kit stowed safely away in them, and our audio equipment allows us to capture audio with wireless lapel microphones or through shotgun microphones. We have lights and reflectors to to make sure we get well lit interviews. Our kit list is constantly evolving!

As well as all our filming kit, we have our backcountry kit for getting into and out of the Scottish wilderness safely, both in the summer and winter. We have radios, so we can communicate with athletes when there's no mobile phone reception. We are fully geared up, and now our biggest headache is which kit to use for each job - I seriously wish I only had one camera sometimes!!

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