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DYNAFIT Partnership

We are pleased to be developing a partnership with mountain-endurance-sport clothing and backcountry ski company, DYNAFIT. The DYNAFIT brand values are speed, lightness, endurance and technology. They are embodied in their goal to provide the best performing products to mountaineers. As a company that creates a lot of content in the Scottish wilderness, in all seasons, it is important that we have the best performing kit to allow us to capture content as comfortably as possible. It's not just about the clothing, it's also about the technical hardware. For the ski films we produce, we need great ski touring kit to allow us to get out into the backcountry quickly so we can capture the athleticism of the skiers in remote and stunning settings, not normally seen by the masses. That's why we're pleased to using DYNAFIT kit.

DYNAFIT's brand values fit perfectly with our approach to filming. We use speed to help us get out to the locations as quickly as possible. The longer we have at each location improves our chances of getting amazing footage. Kit that helps us get places quickly is of upmost importance, and compliments our fitness.

Lightness of equipment is important for the same reason as speed. Our filming equipment is incredibly heavy. If we take use the Sony FS7ii, with all the lenses and kit, we are looking at 20-30 KG of bulky weight on our back, so lightweight clothing and ski touring kit is important to reduce unnecessary weight.

The lightness helps with endurance, it allows us to go further. However, we need the kit to last a long time and endure hardship in challenging environments. We want our kit to survive many years and cope with scraping around on the ground finding interesting angles to film from, cope with the abrasion of heavy backpacks being taken on and off, and long shoots where the kit is perhaps not treated as well as it would normally be.

Developments in technology help make the kit light and enduring, but it also means it will still do its primary purpose of keeping us warm and dry. Ultimately, if we are not warm and dry we will not be able to perform and capture amazing shots. In ski filming, warmth is the most important aspect, because if we are not warm then our concentration and focus are affected and we could end up making silly mistakes, so in terms of safety, it is vitally important to us to be warm and dry.

We are making a backcountry ski film this winter and it has been so helpful having the DYNAFIT kit to make our job so much easier. If I wasn't sitting here full of the cold, I'd be out in the fields around Blairgowrie doing some very local backcountry ski touring! We can't wait for the weather to improve so we can get back out filming for this ski film!

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