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And the 2016 UCI Downhill Mountain Bike Overall Champion is ...

For the last two months we, at Morrocco Media, have been analysing the race footage from the 2015 UCI DH MTB series. We have been analysing the footage to investigate the variability in biomechanics of the top riders, their techniques and the crucial line choices. We have been using a combination of our own footage, the Red Bull Live feeds and the footage from likes of Vital Raw. We have taken the footage an analysed it frame by frame within Dartfish and compared all the top riders against each other, using simulcam technology and side by side footage.

We are not going to give away what we have learnt. If you want to know, please visit the analysis page of our website and book a Performance Analysis Session -

Based on what we have seen only, we are going to make a prediction about who will be the 2016 overall UCI downhill mountain bike champion. Obviously, this is just a prediction and we don't know how riders have trained over winter, whether they have been injured and how their mental state is. However, we believe that Troy Brosnan will win the overall title and definitely become World Champion on the Val Di Sole track.

Who do you think will win?

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