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In 2015, Morrocco Media were approached by Alan Mason, an electronics specialist from Edinburgh to make a crowd-funding video for his idea to create a smart suspension monitoring device for mountain bikes. This was the first crowd-funding video we had been asked to make, and we were a little unsure of how to produce one. We were even more in the dark when we realised that Alan, at that time, only had an idea, he didn't have a finished product or even a working prototype. However, we were missing the point, in that a crowd-funding video doesn't require a finished product. The aim of crowd funding is to raise money to allow you to creae a finished product or service, so you need to sell an idea. Luckily, by the time of filming, Alan managed to make a working model of what the device would look like, which helped us to sell the idea.

We watched and researched hundreds of crowd-funding videos and campaigns to understand what made some successful and others less so. Here's a few of the key factors we dicsovered:

1) The video has to be professionally produced, to create engaging content and ensure the message is delivered clearly and concisely. Home-made videos were often poorly made, too long, inconcise and failed to focus on the benefits to the user/ investor.

2) Video length was crucial. Ideally aiming for somewhere between 90 to 210 seconds. Shorter than 90 and it was difficult to deliver the message and longer than 210 seconds and it was difficult to maintain audiance interest.

3) It has to be blindingly obvious what the product/ service is, what it does and how it does it.

4) The people involved in the product/ service have to come across well, give the impression that they can deliver and they have the expertise to succeed.

5) But most importantly, and where many crowd-funding videos fail, is showcasing, in a novel and fun way, how the product will benefit the user/ investor. You have to demonstarte clearly, so that the user 'gets it', how their life is going to be better by havig this product or service.

We applied all these rules to the video above, and with over 300,000 views across many platforms and making it into the top 200 Kickstarter Campaign video list on YouTube, we feel we have a successful formula for making impactful crowd-funding videos. If you are looking to use crowd funding to raise funds to develop a product or service, then get in touch with Stefan at or call 07764408390 to discuss how we can help you make a video that will get you the funds you require.

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