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Cateran Yomp

Stefan Morrocco
Stefan Morrocco
Kieran Baxter
Stefan Morrocco
The Soldiers Charity
A 24-hour walking event over 54 miles raising money for the Soldiers Charity
Directed by Stefan Morrocco, Morrocco Media have been producing the event films for the Cateran Yomp for the last two years, and will do so again in 2019.  We love the challenge of filming this event, because it's a 54 mile course that has to be completed in 24 hours, with a field of varying ability.  When the weather is nice, the landscape makes it very easy to film, but invariably it rains, so we have the challenge of making walking look interesting.  Thankfully, when it gets dark the athletes turn into zombies, which makes for interesting footage!     
"Shows the event really well, in all its pain and glory."
- Becky Harrison
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