Performance Video Analysis.

We can help make you a champion.  Combining professional videography and editing skills (camera capable of 960 fps), Dartfish technology, sporting knowledge and experience and analytical training to PhD level, Morrocco Media is your one-stop shop for performance video analysis.  We capture, analyse and share video of your or your athlete(s) performance to allow you to succeed.  Our prices are very competitive.








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Partnering with the Sport and Exercise Science

Department at Edinburgh Napier University







We can feedback to athletes and coaches at two levels. Simple analysis includes:

·         side by side comparisons (up to 4)

·         Slow motion replays

·         Overlay with perfect model - Set video against a reference clip for instant comparison

·         Text and drawing overlay


Advanced analysis includes:

·         Help for coaches and performance analysts to break down video in to minute detail. 

·         Auto tracking, tracks and digitises limb and equipment movement.

·         Import and utilise data from external devices such as force plates, heart rate monitors, GPS and Power meters to aid in the video analysis

·         Identify key positions and add analysis with titles, descriptions and voiceovers


StroMotion™ allows the user to break down movements leaving a ‘path’ of clones behind. This provides an excellent visual feedback and a stunning tool to aid athlete development.


SimulCam™ overlaps two videos blending the backgrounds to give a unique comparison of performance or skill on the same course or stage. This feature has amazing potential for many sports, including mountain biking, skiing, driving, etc.


We will simply and efficiently present and share information with athletes and coaching staff. Presentations can be produced for a single skill or situation, for a whole scheme of work or group of skills, e.g. set pieces in team sports, a stroke in swimming or a discipline in athletics.


We have capability to:

·         Share analysis with coaches/athletes

·         Provide Remote Coaching

·         Scout Players/ Athletes

·         Create rehab or training programs with coaches

·         Publish Highlights of Events or Performances

·         Have the Information Viewable on Mobile devices

·         Educate Coaches in Analysis


We can also provide a tagging service.  Tagging produces statistical and notational analysis, a field that is playing an ever more important role in sport. Tagging allows us to index many smaller events within a larger one, this gives you the ability to produce statistics and easily review passages of play, including, but not limited to:

·         Events e.g. Set Pieces, Tackles, etc

·         Continuous Events e.g. Possession

·         Values, such as shot or scrum outcome

·         Player performance

·         Field Position using a pitch map





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